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The Word of all the Words is but One Word for one who knows this secret. In the morning, Guru Granth Sahib is brought to the prayer hall carried from its room on head, singing the Shabads - the Holy Hymns. Its middle is considered at page No. Parshad for keeping longer, while preparing, it is worked up with a ladle until grease butter oil etc.

The Ten Gurus of Sikhism

At Hazoor Sahib things are usually touched with an arrow. Meditating on God's name to control the five weaknesses of the human personality. Khatris and Aroras are equivalent of Baniyas found elsewhere in India.

Guru Nanak passed on his enlightened leading of this new faith to nine consecutive Gurus. Parshad should not get trampled. The Holy Book is opened according to the set procedure, reciting Gurbani. Central Sahara and the Sudan: He introduced new birth, marriage and death ceremonies.

You may rinse and leave it, or clean it properly as others might be doing.

Guru Nanak

Their houses are generally located on the outskirts of the villages. These upper caste converts faced less discrimination but they also could not aspire for the status of a Syed, who was the Ashraf of the highest class, supposedly being a direct descendant of Prophet of Islam.

These practices were of course anathema and scandalous to other Hindus and Sikhs.

Opinions and Editorials

Even Aurangzeb did not try to disturb Guru Harkrishan Sahib sensing the tone of the situation. According to accepted scholarship, Islam regards areas ruled by Muslims as Dar al Islam and it canonically obligates Muslims to conquer and subjugate inhabitants of Dar al Harbi.

Awans, Dogars, Jatsand Arains are ranked in middlewith a number of artisan and menial castes ranked gradually lower.

These decrees were Catholic in their origin but they also influenced Protestant churches many of which also actively supported enslavement of the darker races.

Better, wrap a cloth across the mouth. Similarly, Kalals - who could be called both an artisan and a commercial caste- are a caste of distillers or liquor sellers and are also called Ahluwalia, an adoptive name derived from Sikh leader Jassa Singh Kalal's village which was called Ahlo.

The best is to get the live instructions. Subsequently, it was updated to include the writings of the sixth to ninth gurus. The reasons for such petty arguments about each others relative social status are unfortunate and are to be seen in the backdrop of colonial era, when the trading castes like Khatri and Baniya were preceived to be usurers and exploiters of the misery of indebted farmers from these landowning and agricultural castes.

However, it was not until Augustthat Guru Nanak Sahib heard God's call to dedicate himself to the service of humanity after bathing in Vain, a small river Near Sultanpur Lodhi.

All people of all faiths are welcome to the Gurdwara. The management may fix up the days and timings of such programs. Womans can take part in any spiritual map or execute any Sikh ceremonial or take the fold in supplication.

The divine spirit was passed from one Guru to the next, in the words of Guru Nanak, as "The light of a lamp which lights another does not abate. The highest castes in Pakistan are Pathan, Ranghar and Syeds. It is a good idea to cover the carpet with cloth sheets before the Sangat arrives, remove and wash them after their use.

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The Guru Granth Sahib is the active living Guru of the Sikhs: a long text with pages, compiled and composed during the period of Sikh gurus, from to A collection of 5, hymns and pages, the Guru Granth Sahib describes the qualities of.

Sikh terminology. The majority of Sikh scriptures were originally written in the Gurmukhī alphabet, a script standardised by Guru Angad out of Laṇḍā scripts used in North India.

Adherents of Sikhism are known as Sikhs, which means students or disciples of the Guru. The Guru Granth Sahib is the active living Guru of the Sikhs: a long text with pages, compiled and composed during the period of Sikh gurus, from to A collection of 5, hymns and pages, the Guru Granth Sahib describes the qualities of God and why you should meditate on God’s name.


Guru and Sikh by Yaktanand Singh Sikhism presented in modern easy to understand language. A comprehensive and well written guide on the spiritual and physical aspects of Sikhism for both the Sikh and non-Sikh audience.

Besakhi - the Sikh Perspective It is well known fact that Guru Amar Das had extensively travelled to the places of the pilgrimage, both before and after the attainment of the Gurudom.

He came across thousands of people, as well, who were, proceeding on such sojourns.

Essays on sikh gurus
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