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March 28, a strong earthquake of the magnitude of 8. Severe floods are also caused because of blocking of water flow of rivers due to rock blocks and debris produced by severe tremors on the hill slopes facing the river valleys. This earthquake was largest highest on Richter scale since and the 4th largest since A.

All over the land, the earthquake occurs all time on the surface of the earth. Earthquake occurs when such moving plates clash with each other and separate. The Assam earthquake, Bihar earthquake and Bhuj earthquake Gujarat of India were caused mainly by faulting.

Earthquake waves cause movement in the surrounding areas because of air pressure and imbalance. This is known as Himalayan - Mediterranean belt.

A series of earthquake can occur in the variety of earthquake storm whenever earthquake hit a fault in the clusters. The scale showing magnitude 3 or less indicates that the earthquake is less harmful however the scale showing magnitude 7 or more causes huge level damage over a wide range of area.

Causes of natural earthquake on earth There is various type of natural earthquake which given below.

Essays On Earthquake

The earthquakes result in the rupture of gas or petrol pipes thus fire spread and becomes a serious problem as it gets impossible to control such fire.

Adequate medical facilities should be provided to cause least harm to human life. More than people were killed in the earthquake event of Latur and Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra on 30th of September in Causes of human-made earthquake on earth Unbalanced water dams In Maharashtrathis earthquake caused, which brings the much destruction in that village.

All sorts of disequilibrium are caused due to different types of plate motions and consequently earthquakes of varying magnitudes are caused. If you have any difficulty in writing any earthquake paper then you can ask writers of ProfEssays.

Kurduvadi rift and Koyna rift. The explosive violent gases during the process of vulcanicity try to escape upward and hence they push the crustal surface from below with great force and thus is caused severe earth tremor of high magnitude.

Geological faults are also the reason of earthquakes. Hydrostatic Pressure and Anthropogenic Causes: Sometimes volcanos located around edges of the Pacific Ocean, known as Ring of Fire bursts and releases lots of lava, gas, etc which causes pressure and imbalance within the earth surface and produces earthquake waves in the surrounding areas.

The number indicating magnitude or intensity M on Richter scale ranges between 0 and 9 but in fact the scale has no upper limit of number because it is a logarithmic scale.

Hydrostatic Pressure and Anthropogenic Causes: Students can use any of these according to their need and requirement in the schools. An earthquake is a major demonstration of the power of the tectonic forces caused by endogenetic thermal conditions of the interior of the earth.

Within no time the villages and towns were flattened, high rise buildings collapsed, many villages and towns became heaps of debris, communication and power lines were completely disrupted, transport system was thrown out of gear and settlements became ruins.

Earthquake is the result of sudden energy release within the surface of earth. Classification on the basis of Causative Factors: To conclude with the earthquake is a dangerous event. Fire is also caused due to short circuit of electric line.

The earthquake may sometimes cause shattering of the mirrors and glass windows that may be hazardous as well. B these phenomena are usually explained in terms of a release of g prior to earthquakes and electric and acoustic stimuli of vari types.

The rate of movement increases with the thickness of plates. Moderate and intermediate earthquakes are also called as shallow focus and intermediate focus earthquakes respectively. Moderate and intermediate earthquakes are also called as shallow focus and intermediate focus earthquakes respectively.

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A series of earthquake can occur in the variety of earthquake storm whenever earthquake hit a fault in the clusters.

Tsunami is a dangerous form of earthquake which occur as a result of a chain of fast moving waves in ocean because of powerful earthquakes.

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Short essay on the harmful Effects of earthquakes Ranjita Advertisements: Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Effects Of Earthquakes.

a threat and negatively impacts people and the environment.

Short essay on the harmful Effects of earthquakes

Examples of natural hazards are: earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, floods, volcanic eruptions etc. Earthquakes and their Occurence What is an Earthquake?An earthquake is a sudden rapid vibration along the earth’s crust due to individual tremors, sometimes.

Causes and Effects of Earthquakes There are some programs, like the ones that are broadcast at National Geographic Channel, where professionals show us on many opportunities documentaries about earthquakes and the amount of damage that they had produced in some areas.

Due to earthquake and its effects lot of destruction occurs it results in loss of lives, collapsing of buildings and loss of crops. Earthquakes can be stop but its effects can be reduced by taking some preventive measures.

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